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    Loyalty solution for single stores and multi-store chains Try it now

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    Group Loyalty
    Coalition loyalty solution for buy-local groups, malls and reward clubs Find out more

Loyalty and campaign management solution

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    Increase sales by sending targeted email and mobile text offers. Personalize offers based on member's purchase behavior, demography and response to prior campaigns.

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    Social Rewards

    Set up rewards for referrals and actions on your facebook page. Amplify word of mouth marketing - bringing in new customers and setting up viral marketting.

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    CARDLESS, NFC and Card

    Start a cardless program or use NFC tags or a card based program. Choose an option that works best for your customers.

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    E-Receipts and POS

    Program members get e-receipts in their mobile and web app after each transaction. Our innovative technology integrates with your billing system with less workflow change for your billing staff.

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Implement your own store loyalty program in just a few minutes. Choose from one of the many different types of loyalty programs ranging from classic programs to social loyalty.

  • Build your customer database that holds contact information, purchase history and campaign history.
  • Our innovative purchase-capture mechanism works with your existing POS with no changes required to your POS.
  • Create and send highly effective campaigns and personalized offers - email or mobile text.
  • Measure campaign performance by tracking sends, opens, clicks, offers used and many more metrics.
  • Know your customers better - understand what products they buy the most, how often they buy and how much they spend on average during each visit.
  • Leverage social and referral rewards to engage customers with your brand and kickoff viral marketing



directdialogs equips a coalition loyalty operator with end to end solution for starting a group loyalty program in minutes.

  • Think buy-local programs, fund-raising for charity, mall loyalty etc.
  • Our software takes care of creating the coalition program, adding merchants to the network, managing point liability and redemption.
  • Merchants in the network receive great value as well - they get to build their own customer base, while also gaining rich campaigning facility.
  • Customers are able to earn reward points faster by shopping in all their local favorite places.
  • Provide an engaging platform for customers with mobile app, electronic receipts and social rewards.
  • Launch your own local group loyalty program today!


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